How I backup my Squarespace site


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So today I thought I would share how I backup my Squarespace website…

I saw this question in a Facebook group last week and I realized it never occurred to me to share how I protect my content in the case of a digital disaster.

So here we go!

First things first...what is a backup and why is it necessary?

A backup is simply a way to collect and store important information for safe keeping. 

And the same why we backup our computers and iPhones, it’s so important we backup our websites. 

I mean they’re the digital home of our businesses and it would be a huge headache if our site disappeared one day and we didn’t have any plan in place on how to get our site back up and running ASAP.

And I want to preface this by saying Squarespace is a very reputable company with millions of sites built on the platform. The chances of your Squarespace site disappearing forever at a moment’s notice is highly unlikely. 

But I want to give it to you straight...if Squarespace goes down for good, your site and all your content goes right along with it. 

Which is why its super important to protect yourself and your content. 

I do my backups quarterly or if I do a huge update to my website. The first week of every quarter is a big admin week for me where I do next-quarter planning, bookkeeping, backups etc...and the backups take less than half an hour. 

So there’s really no excuse why you can’t do them...just pick an interval you’re comfortable with and copy my checklist to ensure you’re protected as best as possible.

Squarespace backups

At this time, Squarespace doesn’t have a feature that allows you to backup your whole site for your use. 

Now Squarespace does its own internal backups on their servers in case the platform goes down and they struggle to get it back up and running. 

The steps I take are more for the scenario of Squarespace going completely out of business and ceasing to exist, which again is highly unlikely.

XML file

Your XML file is a site map of all the pages on your site that can be read by search engines. 

If your Squarespace site is live, go to to view your XML sitemap file. Right click, hit “Save as” and save it to your computer. 

Export your site 

You can export certain content of your site to upload to Wordpress if that’s the platform you choose to use if Squarespace goes down or you decide to simply switch for any reason. 

You can read more here about what content gets exported with this process.

Inside Squarespace, go to Settings>Advanced>Import/Export>Export>Wordpress>Click your blog to export if you have one>Export>Download. 

Still do this process even if you don’t plan on uploading the file to Wordpress as this is really the only way to export a large portion of your site.

Website layout

There’s a few different ways you can do this but I just do the easy way…

I take screenshots of all my pages using the Full Page Screencapture Chrome extension. That way I know exactly how my site is laid out in case I need to rebuild it. 

If you don’t have this extension, make sure you’re using a Chrome browser and search for the Chrome Web Store in Google. Search for the extension and follow the install process. 

Then whenever you’re on a web page you want to save, just click the gray camera icon in your toolbar and will capture an image that you can save to your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox etc…

Easy peasy, right?! 


This one was easy since I wrote my website copy in Google Drive so I always had it...can you tell I’m a fan of Google Drive? My business wouldn’t survive without it!

But if you didn’t use that process and just wrote your copy straight onto your site, make sure you copy it all over to a Word document or Google doc for safe keeping.

Images and Graphics

In my Google Drive, I have an entire folder for the WSS website that includes all my copy and all images and graphics used on the site. 

That way I don’t ever have to go searching through my 1000s of images to find something. If it was uploaded to my site, it was put in that folder. 

Blog Posts

I write all of my blog post in Google Drive before I upload them to Squarespace so this one takes no additional work. 

If you’re writing your posts straight into Squarespace, I HIGHLY recommend you write them first in a word processor or Google Doc. 

I can’t imagine the nightmare it would be if all your precious content suddenly went away and you didn’t have a backup about tragic!


If you use any custom CSS on your site, just make sure to copy it over to a Google Doc or Word document so you have it. Again, this takes like 2.5 seconds to do and it will save you a giant headache if all your custom code disappeared. 

Site Styles

I created a Google Doc with all my Site Styles settings so I always know what font settings, colors, and other style settings I used. I spent a lot of time getting things just how I want them so I want to know how to recreate the look of my site in case I need to. 

Well that’s it! Everything I do to backup my Squarespace site to protect myself in the event of a Squarespace outage...knock on wood!

Tell me in the comments you backup your site?

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