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About Erika

Erika is an IIN certified health coach and yoga teacher helping pregnant and new mamas live their healthiest lives as they transition into motherhood. Her personalized coaching sessions will help women in all stages of their pregnancy feel their best mentally and physically as they navigate this new and exciting journey. 

Her services include coaching packages specific to each trimester of pregnancy, including the “fourth trimester” where she teaches new mamas how to restore their body through eating nutritious food and establishing a regular self-care practice. 

Erika also teaches pre and postnatal yoga in the Philadelphia area. Whether you visit her inside the studio or in the comfort of your own home, you’ll feel challenged and supported as she focuses primarily on proper alignment and modifications to protect both mom and baby.

And most importantly, she’s due to have her first baby in November so I can’t think of anyone better to coach expectant mamas!

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“I had such a great experience with my website template! I didn’t realize how much work actually went into building a site but I’m so relieved it’s finally up and running. Would highly recommend!”



her website journey

Erika found Wellness Site Shop through Instagram, and it turns out she connected with me right after I moved away from Philly 😭

She booked a free consult call with me to get more info about the process and ask a few questions. After our call, she felt ready to take the plunge and purchased our Sloan template designed specifically for health coaches. 

I was incredibly surprised at how quickly Erika’s site came together...she was super dedicated and knocked it out fast!

And I think her site couldn’t have turned out better! It’s perfect for showcasing her services, sharing more about herself, and housing her super insightful blog. 

So without further ado, I’m so pumped to share with you the new Erika Lundy Wellness website!

Erika Lundy Wellness- pregnancy and postpartum health coach.jpg

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