Which Squarespace pricing plan is right for you?

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So you’ve finished your Squarespace trial and are ready to launch your site to the world...time to pop that bubbly! 🍾

The first decision you’re gonna have to make is choosing your Squarespace plan. 

Now Squarespace already makes this super easy by only offering 4 pricing plans and outlining them here. The only thing that isn’t covered by any of their pricing plans is Squarespace Email Campaigns. If you want to learn more about the Email Campaigns pricing, you can do so here

But if you’re still struggling deciding which plan is right for you, then you’re in the right place!

Here’s what you need to know...

Personal- $12/month if you pay annually or $16 month-to-month

Okay so this is the most basic Squarespace plan. It works great for someone who wants to share a personal blog or gallery, or wants the most basic website simply to display information. 

If your site is an extension of an actual business (ie. it drives income) then you’ll want to be on the next-highest plan which we’ll talk about in a second. 

But with the personal plan, you get full access to the beautiful and easy-to-use Squarespace platform, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain if you purchase the yearly plan. You can also have up to 2 contributors on your site which means you can grant access to your site to one other person.

Business- $18/month if you pay annually or $26 month-to-month

The Business plan is necessary if you’re generating any kind of income from your site. (ie. you’re a health coach who is trying to get people to sign up for your coaching packages, or you’re a yoga studio trying to get people to sign up for a new client special)

Here are the highlights of the Business plan…

  • Includes everything with the Personal plan plus...

  • Free G-suite account on your domain for the first year (instead of your email address being wellnesssiteshop@gmail.com, you can make one email like hello@wellnesssiteshop.com). Using a domain extension for your email address really uplevels the professionalism of your business so I highly recommend! After the first year, to keep your email address, you’ll pay something around $60-70 per year per email address.

  • Access to the promotional pop-up and announcement bar. These are great marketing tools to announce a sale, highlight a new product or offering, or promote a freebie to build your email list.

  • Access to Squarespace e-commerce with a 3% transaction fee (on top of your payment processor’s transaction fee).  This is great if you’re on the Business plan but want to test out selling a few products, you totally can without upgrading to the more expensive commerce plans. 

  • Unlimited website contributors

  • Access to premium content blocks and features

  • Ability to customize your site using CSS and JavaScript

So long story short, if you run a business that doesn’t primarily function as an online store, the Business plan is for you!


Online Store Basic- $26/month if you pay annually or $30 month-to-month

If your site is primarily an online store, then you’ll want to seriously consider upgrading to one of the Online Store plan for all the added features. 

Here are the highlights of the Online Store Basic plan…

  • Includes everything with the Business plan plus…

  • No Squarespace transaction fees! You’ll still pay your Stripe or PayPal fee but you won’t be charged the 3% fee by Squarespace. Now I’ve already done the hard math for you...if you sell more than $3200 per year through your Squarespace store, you’re better off financially to be on the Online Store Basic plan rather than the Business plan because the increased monthly price balances out the transaction fees you’ll pay on the Business plan. I hope that makes sense! If not, just trust me on this one, okay?

  • More advanced e-commerce metrics and analytics

  • Ability to connect to ShipStation or Xero

  • Allow customers to create accounts with your store so they can easily place multiple orders

  • Checkout on your domain. This means your customers will check out on a secure page on your own domain (ie. wellnesssiteshop.com/checkout). On the Business plan, you still get a secure checkout experience, but the domain will start with secure.squarespace.com. It ‘s not a huge deal but still adds to that level of professionalism if it’s your own domain

Online Store Advanced- $40/month if you pay annually or $46 month-to-month

This is the most advanced and expensive plan Squarespace offers. If you’re an online store and want some advanced features this one is for you…

Here are the highlights of this plan…

  • Includes everything from the Online Store Basic plan plus…

  • Abandoned Cart Auto-Recovery. Squarespace will automatically email customers who start the checkout process but don’t finish it. This is a great way to increase conversions or offer a special discount if they complete their purchase!

  • More advanced shipping options such as having your carrier automatically calculate rates at checkout

  • More customizations of discounts

  • Ability to sell gift cards

So to recap…

If your website is primarily a personal blog or there to showcase the most basic information, the Personal plan should work beautifully!

If your site is there to help generate revenue for your business but isn’t primarily an online store, the Business plan is what you want. 

If you’re primarily an online store (and you sell more than $3200 per year through your site), you’ll want to be on one of the Online Store plans. I would say the Basic plan is great to start out with as you can have a fantastic online store with this plan. Then you can upgrade to the Advanced plan when your business grows and those extra features will be helpful. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to start off with the Online Store Advanced plan in the beginning. 

Okay well I hope that was helpful! Any questions? Pop them below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


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